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  • he Bosch F00RJ01572 Fuel Injector Connector Tube is a direct replacement for the damaged tube on your Dodge 5.9L Diesel. The connector tubes on your truck deliver fuel from the high-pressure common rail to the fuel injectors in the cylinder head. These tubes can corrode over time due to poor fuel quality, or contaminants such as sediment or water in the fuel. This can cause issues like hard starts and rough idle. It is recommended to replace the injector tubes when replacing your fuel injectors to address these problems.

    BOSCH 03-07 5.9L Cummins Fuel Injector Connector Tube

    SKU: F00RJ01572
    • WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive Harm -

    • 0001572, 10763, 10-763, 3979419, 5086867AA, F 00R J00 436, F 00R J01 224, F 00R J01 572, F00RJ00436, F00RJ01224, F00RJ01572, SUOF00RJ01572

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