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  • Features & Benefits:

    Diamond Advantage™ (DA) Diesel Fuel Injectors provide high-quality performance to efficiently and effectively deliver fuel into your engine, allowing for optimal precision.

  • Solenoid assembly is electrically tested to preemptively identify failure and prevent calibration drift.

  • Valve body, control pistons and valves are inspected, tested, matched and replaced as required to maximize power and efficiency.

  • Injector is fully disassembled to allow for OE-level cleanliness and smooth operation.

  • Proprietary shimming allowing for high precision and peak performance.

  • Nozzle assembly is comprehensively flow tested to measure flow rate, leak and seat condition to validate injection consistency.

  • Advanced end-of-line testing to meet or exceed OE specifications and reliable operation.

Diamond Advantage 6.0L Injector

PriceFrom $192.86
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